Casilina Express, le film complet.

Depuis quelques jours, je mets de l’ordre dans le site: je relis les vieux articles, je corrige quelques fautes d’orthographe par ici et par là, je mets à jours les liens… Et de temps à autre, je redécouvre quelques petits trésors, comme le film « Casilina Express« , dont j’avais déjà parlé en 2008. Entre temps, le film … Lire la suite Casilina Express, le film complet.

Parking, repurposed

On Reinventing Parking, a post wonders about the possibility of turning parking spaces into something else. A good case study is Rome: here, zoning laws and parking requirements are rarely enforced and so, as soon as the land values rise, parking spaces turn into something more profitable. Here are a few examples: a gym a … Lire la suite Parking, repurposed

Mixed-use suburbs

Some days ago, at the conference « desperate houses » at the EPFL, I heard about a  research, realized by the architectural firm Raumbureau, saying that, in the suburbs, around 1 over 5 houses is refurbished as office space. If this tendence goes on: Little by little, suburbs will become true villages with offices, shops, post offices, … Lire la suite Mixed-use suburbs